There’s a lot of misunderstanding about what Fat Acceptance is about.  I’ve encountered this both in my personal life, and through reading the various FA and anti-FA blogs that are strewn about the internet.  So, just for clarification, here are some things that Fat Acceptance is NOT about: 1. Fat acceptance is not about thin […]

I’m a fan of Roxane Gay.  I’ve been reading her stuff on Salon for a while, and she recently wrote an article that I’ve seen on several different sites recently.  An article that I think everyone should read. It’s about denial, and how fat people sometimes feel like they have to deny themselves things.  It’s […]

There’s been some controversy surrounding Sheryl Sandberg and the Ban Bossy movement.  I’ve read the criticisms, but here’s why I support it anyway. 1.  One of the stupidest criticisms I’ve heard is that “banning a word won’t change anything.”  Okay, well, I’m not sure I interpret ‘Ban Bossy’ as “we need to eliminate this word […]

“Fight obesity, not people with obesity” – words from an obesity expert who actually discusses the social stigmas and issues surrounding obesity. It’s legal in most of the U.S. to discriminate against workers based on weight.  Here’s what fat activists have contributed to making it illegal in Michigan and San Francisco. Discriminating against people are […]

A friend of mine sent me a link to a TIME Magazine piece called The Obesity Pregnancy Dilemma that I’ve been mulling over just a tad.  The crux of the piece is simply that women who are obese can have trouble conceiving, and if they do, are at risk for a number of other medical […]

It’s spring (at last!) and the weather is getting warmer (at least, it is in Colorado).  I’m recovering from the worst flu I’ve ever had, so my intellectual resources are a bit low right now. So, in lieu of original content, here’s a link to Time’s aerial photos of tulip fields in the Netherlands.  They’re […]

In case anyone out there was sitting up nights wondering what kind of stuff runs through my head during my daily commute from one side of Denver to the other, recently it’s been Bertolt Brecht and what he had to say about theater. Or, in other words, what’s the point of storytelling? For those of […]

I wonder what terriers dream about?

Brought to you by the flyers in the bathroom stalls at work. Context: I work at a Catholic school, and these were hanging in the bathroom stalls.  The PREVENTION blurb just under my index finger emphasizes abstinence, because Jesus, but I was proud of my employer for allowing good information about STI prevention to be […]

The same NBC News writer who misinterpreted a study about how fast food raises BMI has done it again – only this time, she misconstrues a study on the link between body fat and ovarian cancer.  (Here is a link to the actual study, should you be inclined to read it.  It’s not particularly dense.) […]


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